I am a final year PhD student within Prof. Bernd Bischl’s Statistical Learning and Data Science Group at LMU Munich. As part of my PhD, I was fortunate to spend some time as visiting researcher within Prof. Zsolt Kira’s RIPL Lab at Georgia Tech working on the use of pairwise constraints in weakly supervised learning settings.

My research is centered around ‘Learning from Limited Labeled Data’, aka Machine Learning settings with a low level of supervision/ oracle annotations. It is connected to Manifold Learning, Semi-supervised Learning, Self-supervised Learning, PU Learning and Constrained Clustering.

Next to my LMU affiliation, I am a senior researcher within the Fraunhofer IIS ADA Lovelace Center, a joint AI initiative of the Fraunhofer IIS, LMU and FAU. Therein, we translate AI into industrial practice and overcome the hurdles of applying latest semi-supervised learning methods to settings beyond ImageNet with our industrial partners.

During my master’s I was involved in a project using Machine Learning for Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring. Despite working on other applications now professionally, I kept my interest in the ML4Healthcare space and take part in competitions and research activities in this area on a private note.

I am also fascinated by the recent advances in multi-modal models used for generative art and spent some evenings prompting and tweeking these models.

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